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Digital Transformation

We create smart technologies

Ensar technology team has the expertise and experience to meet any technological need. We have built evolutionary products and solutions that leverage their investment in existing assets and amplifying it with powerful next generation technologies through rapid prototyping and agile development.

Web & Front-end Applications

We build responsive web applications to solve complex business problems that enables enterprises to digitize the core across all channels of engagement. Our teams work with all modern frameworks, ensuring seamless experiences across devices, and integration with back-end data sources.

Mobile Applications

With the rapid advancements in the Mobile technologies, We build beautiful, intuitive, and engaging native apps for enterprises. Our experience spans all mobile OSes and device profiles, including complex integrations with core back-end systems.

Digital Commerce

Ensar Digital Commerce Practice offers end-to-end services to transform the way enterprises engage, transact and service their customers in today’s multi-channel landscape. We strategize and implement solutions across leading eCommerce and mCommerce platforms. As experts in all major commerce platforms, we will implement, and maintain a commerce solution designed to scale and address key touchpoints of the buyer journey including product discovery, cart management, and checkout.

Customer Relationship Management

Ensar Solutions setup, customize customer relationship management marketing, sales, and service applications which brings companies and customers together. We enable systems to make decisions faster, make employees more productive, and make customers happier using AI.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Ensar build enterprise resource planning applications that helps you run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights. Streamline processes, make smarter decisions, and accelerate growth with comprehensive business management solutions designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

Cloud Infrastructure

Ensar cloud architects design, implement, and deploy scalable environments to support the most demanding solutions and applications. We work with all major cloud infrastructure partners, with an ability to deploy across all key global geographies and security requirements.